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Yes, It’s Better than “Let It Go”

15 Jun 2014

Most of the world was introduced to Adele Nazeem Idina Menzel with Frozen, but Broadway fans have loved her for years because she can infuse many different emotions in her powerful voice. Tell me this song from If/Then doesn’t break your heart.

May the Fourth Be With You

4 May 2014

Happy Star Wars Day!

The Most Epic of Lip Sync Battles

17 Feb 2014

Joseph Gordon-Levitt turns 33 today and he’s come a long, long way since 3rd Rock from the Sun.

Because I Have the Flu…

10 Jan 2014

…and need a pick-me-up. (There’s something incredibly naughty about Tom Hiddleston talking about delayed gratification.)

Sherlock: Many Happy Returns

26 Dec 2013

The BBC has a special place in my heart because it produced (and produces) some of my favorite television series of all time, like Blackadder and Luther, and introduced me to Hugh Laurie before he was Gregory House and Jeremy Brett, whose portrayal of Sherlock Holmes is iconic.

Because of Brett, I was very reluctant to watch Sherlock, which is a modern retelling of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s detective stories. However, weak-willed being that I am, I can’t resist at least trying any crime drama…and I became hooked after thirty minutes.

Season two of Sherlock ended with a modern take on The Final Problem…and here’s a teaser for season three that is making my stomach flutter with anticipation for January 1, 2014.

Merry Christmas!

24 Dec 2013

I’ll be celebrating with lots of food, lots of family, lots of dancing with my new nephew (I–and you can, too–blame him and his cuteness for my distraction from writing), and that Christmas classic, Die Hard.

More Relatable than It Should Be

14 Dec 2013

And, yes, double standards are alive and well:


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