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Housekeeping in Progress

7 Aug 2018

I bought an iPad, discovered mobile gaming, and got sucked into MCoC for the last 4 years. Now I’m back.

First World Problem

19 Sep 2014

If receiving a U2 album for free in your iCloud account is your biggest gripe, your life may be a little too good.

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

9 Sep 2014

A snowman. In September. My friends in Toronto and Moncton are laughing at me. But they’ll get theirs soon.


Hello, Winter

8 Sep 2014

The Lost Month

7 Sep 2014

I lost the entire month of August.  In Calgary, that’s pretty much half the summer (it really is because the first snowfall starts next week).


Good thing I’m not a big fan of summer sun and hot weather.  Give me a snow-covered mountain and a snowboard any day!

Anyway, that cold I thought I caught in late July?  Turned out to be an infection in my lung.  Fun times.  There were days and nights and days and more days and nights of not doing much more than curling up in a dark, quiet room and wondering if it would be too risky to up the dosage on my various medications.

On the bright side, I managed to lose 15 pounds.  However, I don’t recommend this weight loss method for anyone.  Doing an IRONMAN triathlon would’ve been more enjoyable.

But I’m back.  I’m healthy (at least 90% anyway).  I’m making headway on that work-life balance thing.  And I’m writing.


Sick but Happy

2 Aug 2014

I’m horribly sick today. It started with a scratchy throat four days ago and morphed into a full-blown cold yesterday. When I cough, I fear a lung might come up. (Or it might be the flu.) I almost wish it would because it might be less painful. It’s a long weekend in Canada and this cold has derailed all my plans. But…I’m happy!

I officially started a new job on July 1. Same pay, less work (although the new manager doesn’t believe that because my predecessor made the role seem otherwise). And once I revamp the desk to make it more efficient because that’s what I do, it’s going to be even less work. That’s a win. And my previous managers love me, so I expect a nice raise in the coming year. Even better!

I started martial arts training again. I have a ways to go before my six-pack makes a return and I may never be able to jump as high or be as flexible as my twenty-something self, but I’m seeing and feeling a difference already. There’s something very energizing and satisfying about learning I still can take down a guy twice my size. I’m trying a new studio, so I started over with a white belt…but a month-and-a-half in and I already skipped the first belt test. Not too shabby.

I finally took swimming lessons this summer. It’s nice to know I can do more than not drown in a swimming pool.

I’m starting to write again because I now have this elusive thing called time with the new role. Hurrah!

And, yeah, I saw Guardians of the Galaxy on Thursday night. I thought the comics were idiotic and a poor knock-off of DC’s Green Lantern Corps (and seriously, Thanos is a purple Darkseid) and I had no intention of seeing the movie when it was first announced, but the damned trailer is witty and irreverent and has a song that is super-catchy and plays the nostalgia card. I caved. And the outrageous price I paid to see the movie in IMAX 3D was worth every penny.

And because that song’s been stuck in my head for almost three weeks, I’m going to inflict it on you. But that’s okay, because it’s a very happy song.

Yes, It’s Better than “Let It Go”

15 Jun 2014

Most of the world was introduced to Adele Nazeem Idina Menzel with Frozen, but Broadway fans have loved her for years because she can infuse many different emotions in her powerful voice. Tell me this song from If/Then doesn’t break your heart.