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Keeping Your Web Site Current

24 Jan 2008

In one of my web design posts, I recommended updating your web site regularly (i.e. more than once a year, Karyn Monk!) to keep users coming back. After reading my post, someone posed a question: Can I put my blog on the front page?

My knee-jerk reaction: OMG. No! Oh, the horror of an actual blog entry on the default page and the clutter of comments!

Then I thought it over and realized that’s a good idea–but with just a little tweak: Have just a snippet of the blog on your web site home page and a link to the actual entry itself.

Now, before cursing me because you think I’m suggesting you update your web site every time you do an entry on your blog, I’m not. Please. I’m the queen of shortcuts.

Through the beauty of RSS feeds and the magic of ASP or PHP scripting, you can create a script to automatically pull a snippet of your latest blog entry and post it on your web site.

Or if you’re big believer in recycling code like me, you can just Google “blog feed parsing.”

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