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I Need Warning Labels?

28 Jan 2008

Fallen Angel Reviews recently posted a review of A Naughty Noelle. It’s postive, so I can’t complain, but the reviewer ended with the following:

Readers should be warned that this book contains mild violence and anal sex.

Now, maybe I’m desensitized, but I have a little gunfire exchange that I didn’t think was worth mentioning. C’mon. It’s not like I had someone cracking open another person’s skull and cutting out a chunk of brain matter to fry it up.

And isn’t anal sex considered tame these days? What with the threesomes, orgies, twincest *shudder*, borderline bestiality (yes, that’s how I classify shapeshifter sex when one or more participants is in animal form), necrophilia (a.k.a. vampire sex), S/M, and everything else released by electronic and NY publishers these days, isn’t anal sex mainstream yet? Even Harlequin Blaze released a novel with a threesome scene!

Or am I product of my generation and have been overexposed to violence and sex?

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  1. DeeD permalink
    28 Jan 2008 12:17 PM

    I wandered over here from a link at featuring your soon-to-be-released Rules of Engagement (which I plan to order Friday, it sounds great) and this blog post caught my eye, than piqued my interest. Which Blaze has a threesome scene, I have to ask?

  2. 28 Jan 2008 5:39 PM

    DeeD – Thanks for stopping by. And the book is ONE WILD WEDDING NIGHT by Leslie Kelly.


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