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CONTEST: Since You Asked…

11 Mar 2008

Thanks to Azteclady for giving me the idea for this month’s contest.

Remember the list of stupid questions I received as a writer? Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to come up with a response for any one of the thirteen. You can be snarky, civil…just something that will make them think twice before ambushing another writer.

Contest ends March 31, 2008 at 5 PM MST. Prize is an e-copy of a title from my oh-so extensive backlist (I am working on expanding it; promise!).

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  1. azteclady permalink
    12 Mar 2008 5:46 PM

    I’m thinking about this. You like?

  2. azteclady permalink
    12 Mar 2008 7:21 PM

    Ooopppsss… and: you are so welcome!

  3. 12 Mar 2008 7:58 PM

    Azteclady, that’s awesome! I’m so buying the baby tee.

  4. Patrick permalink
    14 Mar 2008 3:58 PM

    Answer to Question 3:

    “The new Nora Roberts? Who is the new Nora Roberts? And what was wrong with the old Nora Roberts?”

  5. 14 Mar 2008 5:11 PM

    Patrick, are you seriously telling me there’s only one NR? She doesn’t have a cloning machine in her office so NR can churn out half a dozen releases a year?

  6. limecello permalink
    30 Mar 2008 2:20 PM

    Mine’s long ๐Ÿ˜€
    Not that amazingly creative, but they’ve been circling my head for a while. – Since I read the original post.


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