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I Feel like Homer

14 Mar 2008

…Simpson, that is.

All this talk of bacon made me crave it so I had to have my two eggs (over easy, of course) and three strips of bakie this morning.  *drool*  I can feel that extra layer of grease clogging my arteries and it’s so worth it.

Speaking of bacon, Whatever had a post on bacon lollipops.  That’s right, folks, you can have bacon and maple on a stick.  According to the advertising, “the salty chunks of bacon make a delicious and unique counterpoint to the subtle sweetness of the maple, and oh, yeah- you’ll be eating an oh-my-god bacon lollipop!”

Oh-my-god Pepto!  And I thought the deep-fried Coke at the Texas State Fair was freaky.  Little did I know.

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