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Bad Apples

22 Mar 2008

With the dust-ups over New Concepts Publishing and Torquere Press going on at Karen Scott’s blog and Dear Author, Emily Veinglory put out a call for Positive Saturday:

There seems to be a lot of negativity around, especially re: epublishers [sic] and small press in general. I would like to invite everyone to post on their blog this Saturday, and post about something they like or love about small or e- publishing. It can be anything so long as it is POSITIVE!

I wasn’t going to bother because I’m on deadline, until I read the NCP announcement letter (you’d think they’d take this page down by now):

No one wants their books labeled as porn and no one wants to be associated with such sites as Ellora’s Cave—even the authors who write for them prefer to remain anonymous.

Rumor has it that Ellora’s Cave is so desperate for ‘romantica’ that they’re asking their authors to add sex scenes to previously written books.

I’m used to EC getting slammed in Blog Land and I’ll ignore it because those people who don’t like EC have their reasons and my disagreeing with them until I’m blue in the face is not going to change their opinions. However, to see a publisher make statements (not opinions, but statements) like the two above make my jaw drop and my blood pressure kick up a notch.

Uh, I write for EC, I’m not ashamed to admit it, and I don’t consider my work to be porn (anyone who disagrees, feel free to do so because I think everyone is entitled to an opinion). I don’t have one pseudonym for my EC releases and another for everything else, which, admittedly, is a single release from Cerridwen Press, an imprint of EC. Nope, everything I write is under Ann Bruce. And if I sign with an NY publisher, I’ll be using the same name because I put just as much mental sweat into a manuscript for EC as I would for any other house.

And, no, I was never asked to add sex scenes to previously written books. However, if EC was “so desperate” for releases, could it be because they couldn’t meet demand? And isn’t demand outweighing supply a good thing? Simple economics, I know.

The announcement letter was written in 2003 and some people said NCP’s attitude must’ve changed, but the letter is still up and hasn’t been updated. I think the attitude and disdain for EC still remains.

Me? I’m happy to be published with them. They don’t have hard and fast rules about word count; they’re willing to take risks with stories that don’t fit into a traditional mold; the covers for my releases are good (Les Byerley rocks!); my editor understands my juvenile sense of humor–and that is key; and I have to say, in an industry where 500 copies make an e-book a bestseller, sales are very, very respectable.

NCP wants to differentiate itself from EC, and they’ve done a stellar job because, unlike NCP, EC is a place where I would want to see my name.

(Damn, I’m coming across as a cheerleader and I really hate that. Another sin to lay at NCP’s doorstep.)

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  1. 22 Mar 2008 8:25 AM

    Yes, aren’t Les’ covers awesome?? I write for EC and happily like being associated with EC. The relationship has allowed me to grow as an author.

  2. 22 Mar 2008 9:42 AM

    I’m not with EC, but I thought that was a pretty shallow sling on NCP’s part. Of course, I’m not surprised. In one of the emails that Mr. lightsey sent before he stepped out he recommended I send my future submissions to EC. I wasn’t sure what he was insinuating until now; and now that I do know, I feel it was pretty low-class.

  3. 23 Mar 2008 4:54 AM

    I hadn’t seen the NCP announcement letter till now and I have to say my jaw hit the floor, big time at the EC mention in it.

    I like the look of the covers from EC as well, and though I haven’t subbed to them before, I wouldn’t hesitate to do so if I thought something of mine would fit them.

    Good post,

  4. 24 Mar 2008 10:50 AM

    My romantic/fantasy thriller is about to come out this summer with Cerridwen Press – an arm of Ellora’s Cave. I don’t feel stigmatized in the least…I’m thrilled to be working on edits with Carole G., their editor. And I’m abuzz with good vibes about my summer release…unfortunately, I am also traumatized and stressed out – because I’m also an NCP author. One who has yet to see her royalty check from her first released novel that’s made it to fictionwise – good, strong sales all around – but, hey, no check.

    Swinging in my hammock, In the ‘limbo-land’ where I think NCP authors are heading (or may already be there), I’m actually willing to take NCP on blind faith regarding edits – and that their foremost criterion for accepting a submission was that it was ‘clean’ and would need little-to-no-edit.

    I have to say one thing, having read everything there is on NCP and even EPIC, on the blogs – I’ve YET to hear from an unhappy reader, complaining about a lack of edits in NCP-pubbed books – and all those posts on the blogs were…well, I didn’t see any from readers jumping in to support that totally, totally inappropriate publisher’s email-confession – we don’t do edits because experience showed us that writers don’t appreciate them. So, I’m having difficulties leaving my “limbo land” because reality would just depress me even more.

    I just want to say one thing – I’ve 3 pure erotica (no-holds-barred, for sure) books, paperbacks, that cost a total of $270 Canadian – and they’re all well-read, well-thumbed, well hi-lited….why? And why such exorbitant cost? Well, you see, they’re TEXTBOOKS – required texts I had to purchase from a university bookstore for a course on…erotic literature and its trends in the 20th century. So, anyone else out there wants to take a shot at Ellora’s Cave…? Good well-written story will always find a pair of eyes….in public and academia. Edita.

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