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5 May 2008

(Don’t laugh at the heading. And the post’s stale because I no longer go on-line on the weekends.)

I’ve been keeping out of the kerfuffle about models–both Cavemen and non-Cavemen–authors, and fans going wild at the RT convention. I’ve been getting conflicting stories in private and in public. I’ve read embellished accounts from people who didn’t witness anything themselves, but since their source is trustworthy, the stories must be true. (Seriously, this whole thing reminds me of the telephone game.) However, since I wasn’t at RT and can’t sort between fact and fiction, I decided to sit back and enjoy my popcorn.

Then an author or authors unknown forwarded a private Ellora’s Cave memo to their contracted authors to Karen Scott. Now, I have no issues with people stating their opinion. (In case you haven’t noticed, I have plenty of my own and I share them on a hourly regular basis.) I do, however, have an issue with such blatant business misconduct.

At the Clark Kent job, I receive private company memos via email. If I make one of those memos public, two burly guys from security would darken my doorway and escort me from the building. (I’ve seen it happen for lesser offenses.)

But, Ann, it’s an email.

In most countries, including the US, emails are equated with letters and thus restricted by the requirement for a reasonable expectation of privacy.

But, Ann, you’re an employee there, not a contractor.

Contractors are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with those same policies.

But, Ann, it’s only an e-publisher.

Ellora’s Cave is a business, just like HarperCollins and Grand Central Publishing. (Yes, it even has a registered business number and everything.) Unfortunately, due to the very public nature of e-publishing, too many people forget this pesky detail.

(BTW, if you think I’m attacking JC Wilder, I’m not. I know she’s professional enough not to share proprietary business correspondence.)

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  1. 5 May 2008 6:59 PM

    Very, very true – all of it, Ann.
    Especially the part about JC being too aboveboard to do that.


  2. 6 May 2008 12:11 AM

    Just in case anybody thinks she was amongst the people who forwarded the e-mail, she wasn’t. I received the e-mail from three sources, and none of them were Wilder.

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