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A…New…Loretta Chase…

7 May 2008

I was introduced to Loretta Chase after reviewers in Romancebloglandia gushed about Lord of Scoundrels. I bought the book, devoured it in one night, and methodically went through her back list. She FINALLY has a new release on Friday and I can almost feel the book in my little hands.

Dear Author will have a contest to give away 5 copies and if I was someone who entered contests, I still wouldn’t enter this one.  Why? Well, to enter I have to read the excerpt and answer a question.  I, however, love this author’s books so much I do not want to tease myself with a measly excerpt and not be able to read the rest of the story right that moment. Nope. No way. No how.  It’s cruel and unusual, people!

(Yes, I need help.)

Only two more days…

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  1. Jane permalink
    8 May 2008 2:13 PM

    I lurve Loretta Chase. Have you enjoyed her Carsington brothers books? They’re awesome. My favorite is “Lord Perfect.”

  2. 8 May 2008 3:27 PM

    Jane – I went through all four Carsington books in one week. Then got a little depressed because there was no more. 😦 And I’m definitely with you on LP.

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