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24 Jun 2008

When I read a book with incompetent villains, my fingers itch to send off a nasty email to the author because I don’t think criminals can be that stupid in reality.  Boy, am I wrong!

In 1999, when a bank robber demanded money in Oranienburg, Germany, the teller routinely asked to see some I.D.  The 31-year-old robber not only produced his I.D. card, but forgot to get it back.  Police arrested him a few hours later.

In 2002, in Tsu, Japan, a bank staff led an armed robber into its vault–then locked him inside.  The man armed with a knife demanded cash from staff at the UFJ bank on Honshu island.  Staff said they played along with his demand and led him to the vault.  They kept the vault locked until police arrived.

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