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About the WIPs

21 Nov 2008

Thought I’d address some of the questions in my inbox on the blog so I don’t have to do repeated cut-and-paste’s.

The WIP page lists some of my current WIPs, but that doesn’t mean I’m working on all of those manuscripts at the same time.  I usually concentrate on one WIP and fiddle around with two others.  (Short attention span; what can I say?)  However, sometimes I’ll have a passage that I SIMPLY MUST WRITE for another story and I will do so instead of letting it fester in the back of my mind.  (Letting words fester is not fun, let me assure you.)

Secondly, the list is not all encompassing.  I have plenty of other WIPs sitting on my computer hard disks that are not listed because (1) I’ve moved past the story and no longer want to write it or (2) it’s not something I want to be made public until I have a signed contract for that manuscript.

Finally, I do work on manuscripts that are not listed [see (2) from previous paragraph].  In fact, a good portion of my NaNoWriMo word count is going towards a manuscript that isn’t on the WIP page.

Writers and their fragile egos neuroses, eh?

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