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Met the Word Count But…

23 Nov 2008

I think I need another 2k-3k words to finish off the story properly.  Another day or two and I can print off this sucker and go through it with my red pen.  It’s about time!

Also, I’m flying out Tuesday and won’t be back until Friday afternoon, so there’ll be no blog posts during those days.  Besides, I don’t have a lot of stuff relevant to this site since my thoughts for the last TWO YEARS have been mainly about business and finance.  (Prior to that, I only thought about money 50% of the time.)  If I get started on the state of the global economy and the stupidity and greed of individuals and collectives (remember, I think greed is good, but greed combined with stupidity is dangerous), the rants would be never-ending.  And no one besides my SO should have to pretend to listen to them.

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