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Opinions Are Like…

8 Dec 2008

While a friend and I were in the Starbuck’s line up for her daily tall-soy-mocha-no-whip fix, I told her about my plans to buy a new Honda Fit in 2010 because my mom wants my 1998 Civic.  The man in front of us overheard our conversation, turned around, and admonished me because I and millions of people like me are the reason for the failure of the domestic auto industry.


Smiling politely and enunciating my words like I would when speaking to a two-year-old, I informed him the so-called Big Three–GM, Ford, and Chrysler–are American companies.

He rebutted by saying they have divisions in Canada and they employ Canadians.

While trying not to roll my eyes, I–less politely this time–pointed out Honda Canada and Toyota Canada have plants in Ontario, too, and they employ Canadians as well.  Even better, despite the downturn in the global market, they’re still selling cars, making a profit, and don’t require massive “bridge loans” from the Canadian taxpayers to survive.

Face flushing an unbecoming shade of tomato, he exclaimed the Japanese make crappy (he used another word, but I won’t repeat it here) cars and I was an idiot for falling for their propaganda.

I couldn’t help it.  I laughed in his face, then gave him my back, because either he has family who are members of CAW–the Canadian Auto Workers union–or he’s ignorant and deliberately so.  Either way, continuing to debate him would be an exercise in futility.

Moral of the story?  Everyone is entitled to an opinion.  Just make sure it’s an informed one or you’ll end up coming across as a moron.  And I will laugh AT you, not with you.

(Sadly, the only truly Canadian car company, ZENN Motor Company, released an electric car that was deemed unsafe for the highway.  So, as much as I love my adopted country, I’ll stick with Honda.)

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