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D'oh Canada

9 Dec 2008

For the one or two Americans who were wondering what the heck was with Canada’s recent bout of insanity on the political front, I’ll let Jon Stewart give you the highlights.  But first, the highlights of Stewart’s highlights:

  • “Force [Prime Minister Stephen Harper] from office?  You can do that?  Because we’ve had no confidence in [Bush] for quite some time now.  And he’s taking forever to leave.”
  • “I mean, this guy — his approval rating is 46 per cent and they’re trying to kick him out.  You know what we call a 46 per cent approval rating down here?  President Clinton.”
  • About Opposition Leader Stéphane Dion: “I didn’t know Céline Dion had a sister.”
  • About Harper’s hair: “What kind of magical creature’s hair doesn’t get messed up in a hailstorm?”
  • About a demonstrator shouting to Harper, “What are your afraid of, sir?”: “‘Sir’? You’re heckling him! It’s not a job interview! Do you Canadians save all your obnoxiousness for hockey games?”
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  1. azteclady permalink
    10 Dec 2008 10:46 AM

    I had read something about this at Kristie(J)’s blog, but I still don’t understand a lot of the nuances. I guess some research would be in order.

    (Love me some Jon Stewart, thanks for sharing :grink: )

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