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Just a Thought on Used Books Royalties

1 Jan 2009

First off, this wouldn’t change my book buying habits since I have an aversion to used books, but the bigger implications of passing such a law would affect me eventually, even though I live in Canada.

If the United States somehow passes the WTF contender of 2009, the amendment to copyright law to require that used book stores pay royalties on books they resell for up to two years after their publication, may I suggest that UBSs give away used books for free and simply charge a service fee.  After all, 6% royalty off a $0 book is $0.

(I know, I know.  Bad, Ann.  And, yes, I am behind on Romanceland news.)

BTW, good business minds know that unless you’re as big as Wal-Mart, it’s easier to change your own business model than someone else’s, especially when there is only benefit for one party.

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