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Steve Jobs on Medical Leave

14 Jan 2009

So, Apple’s CEO is taking medical leave until June–and the stock price promptly plummeted by 10%.  I think many were expecting this to happen because of his recent weight loss and the no-show at Macworld earlier this month.

Tim Cook, Apple’s COO, is the interim leader.  Undoubtedly, the man is no mental slouch, but does he have Jobs’ vision?  It’ll be an interesting five months.  Of course, there is an urban myth that Apple has a whole whack of slick, innovative toys that are yet to be released sitting in a secret room somewhere in Cupertino.

In any case, a new 13″ Macbook is on my shopping list this year.  It will be much later this year because I’m hoping Apple will fix more of the bugs my buddies have noticed on their new Macbooks.  I like my gadgets, but I’m not an early adopter.  I prefer to let others work out the kinks before I buy.

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  1. 15 Jan 2009 4:36 PM

    Yeah, I like to have others try new gadgets, computers etc before I do. That way, I can have a tutor when those same items don’t work for me. Anyway, good luck with your Macbook.

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