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Premium Editions…

26 Jan 2009

…suck.  For authors whose mass market editions are published in the premium format, you will lose the 6-8% of the cover price you would’ve made off of me because I refuse to buy them.  I will sooner go to the library, check out the book, and wipe it down with hand sanitizer before adding a premium paperback to my bookshelf.  It is awkward to hold and does not fit nicely on my bookshelves, which have shelves that are perfectly spaced to fit two mass market paperbacks height-wise.  And, most importantly, an mmp generally costs $10 CAD.  A so-called premium edition is 15-25% more.  Uh, no.

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  1. azteclady permalink
    27 Jan 2009 9:31 AM

    Is “premium edition” the Canadian code for what the SmartBitches call “venti size”? If so, I agree with you completely. The only book I’ve read in that size is Nora Roberts’ Northern Lights and it was awkward as all get out. I had to read it (well, and buy it first) because it was the only paperback edition of it, and I couldn’t afford the hardback. (Plus, I had waited like six months for the paperback.)

  2. Ann Bruce permalink
    29 Jan 2009 6:26 PM

    Venti, eh? Sounds about right. I didn’t think the premium editions would be popular and would die out, but I’m seeing more and more of them on store shelves. However, it’s usually the popular authors (e.g. Nora Roberts, Sandra Brown, Dan Brown, Stuart Woods, etc.) with a die-hard fan base.

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