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A New Low

31 Mar 2009

While grocery shopping, I saw a DVD in the discount bin for $3.50.  The movie was universally panned, but I hadn’t seen it and it starred Karl Urban of Lord of the Rings, Bourne Supremacy, and Chronicles of Riddick fame.  Since it was cheaper than renting, I bought it.

I had very low expectations for the movie since it’s based on a video game.  I love my video games, but I’m not blind to their biggest short-coming: paper-thin plots.  Good guy versus evil, be it opposing military, aliens, zombies, transdimensional monsters, or genetic mutations gone horribly wrong.  Occasionally, it’s just bad guy versus even worse guys (e.g. Max Payne).  In short, video game-based movies make Michael Bay flicks richly layered in comparison.

My quick and dirty review of the movie?  The acting, wooden.  The plot, non-existent.  The violence, gratuitous and plenty of it.

And I was THOROUGHLY entertained.  Dudes, a stubbled Karl Urban and a five-and-half minute first-person shooter scene!  I watched it twice!

The movie?  Doom.

Am I still allowed to mock Twilight fans?

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  1. 3 Apr 2009 5:33 AM

    I just can’t stay awake for DVD movies. Marley and me is at the $1.00 theater, so that might be worth it. Don’t see many movies.


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