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The Reality of a Times Bestseller

20 Apr 2009

If you haven’t checked out Lynn Viehl’s post of having an NYT bestseller and money, it’s refreshingly frank and something every writer, especially newbies, should check out.

I recall a discussion about NYT bestseller-dom at Dear Author (not linking because I can’t remember the post title) and comments to the effect that selling out a 100k MMP print run is great moneywise…even if it takes a couple of years to do so.  Dudes, $60k over two years is below poverty level.  And $60k BEFORE TAX over ONE YEAR is still not that great.  Personally, $60k AFTER TAX per annum still wouldn’t entice me to quit the Clark Kent job.  But I somehow bit my tongue at DA and let people think bestseller-dom automatically means authors are rolling in it.

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