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Well, Duh! or Why Suzanne Brockmann Clicked for Me

13 May 2009

Hasbro made my childhood when they created the Transformers toy line–and then created an animated TV series to market it.  I have the DVDs, comics AND action figures.  Not toys, ACTION FIGURES.   I love Transformers so much my buddies and I have in depth debates about the story-lines, the characters, Megatron vs. Galvatron, and why the 2007 Michael Bay movie didn’t do them justice.  (Of course, I still loved it.)

At the same time the Transformers came out, Hasbro released another toy line that was popular as well (but not nearly as popular as the Autobots and Decepticons): GI Joe.  GI Joe were a bunch of military action figures with names like Duke, Hawk, and Scarlett who fought against COBRA, a terrorist organization that, naturally, wanted to rule the world.  While I enjoyed the animated TV series because it was quite comedic and brainy, kick-ass Scarlett taught me words like loathe, I wasn’t as obsessive about it as I was with the Transformers.  (Nothing beats big-ass, alien super-robots that can transform into vehicles, aircrafts, and even dinosaurs.)

When I first picked up Suzanne Brockmann after Azteclady raved about her, something immediately clicked.  I didn’t know if it was the military suspense plots, the alpha heroes, the kick-ass heroines, or what, but reading her books was like wrapping myself in a comfortable sweater worn soft from frequent use and washing.

Then I saw the GI Joe trailer today and I knew: her characters remind me of the action figures.  She brought an enjoyable childhood memory into my adult reading.  That’s just awesome.

As for the movie, I probably won’t see it in theatres because I think they’ll screw up (and my four theatre picks for the year are already chosen).  I will, however, probably buy the DVD or Blu-ray.  It can’t be worse than Doom.

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  1. azteclady permalink
    13 May 2009 7:18 PM

    😀 well, that’s just a lovely thing, isn’t it? [happy to have helped steer you toward’s SB’s novels]

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