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Dell Hates Canada

15 May 2009

Why? Because in Canada Ubuntu is currently only available on the further crippled Mini 10v, which has the weakling N270 processor and a VGA port instead of HDMI, whereas American consumers have the option of Ubuntu on the Mini 10.

Of course, Dell apparently hates all consumers because 2 GB of RAM for the Mini 10 is still not available in any country.

Then again, I wouldn’t give a damn about Dell if Steve Jobs would get over his disdain of netbooks and their tiny margins.  I would happily fork over $1000 for one from Apple.  And I would still buy a 13″ aluminum MacBook in the fall.  I need a machine for home and another to toss into my backpack every time I leave home because a 13″ notebook is not as portable as it sounds.  (I currently have a 12″ notebook and lugging it around becomes painful when you’re trudging from one end of Heathrow to the other–or any maze of an airport.)

ETA: Maybe Dell does hate all consumers because it’s only offering Ubuntu 8.04.1.  Jerks.

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