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Everyone Needs a Goal…But Maybe Not this One

26 May 2009

Me (eyes rounding): Oh, dear God. He really did it.

Significant Other: What?

Me: Come here and look at this video.

SO: Is that…?

Me: Yes, my buddy Alvin.

SO: And is he…?

Me: Yes, he actually hooked chains onto a freakin’ Hummer and dragged it across the parking lot.  By himself.  Twice.  He was so proud of himself when he told me about it at lunch.  Everyone else needed help.

SO: Boot camp?

Me (nodding): I keep telling you: David (the boot camp instructor) is insane.   One too many punches to the head during his boxing days.  And God knows what happened when he was in the military.

SO: I can’t do that.

Me: That’s okay.  I don’t need your biceps to be bigger than my thighs.  I just need you able to piggyback me the last hundred vertical feet when we hike in the Rockies.

(That last part isn’t a joke.  He’s had to do it once because I forgot to break in my hiking boots before hitting the trail.)

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