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I Boldly Went–and You Should Too

3 Jun 2009

JJ Abrams’ Star Trek wasn’t on my list of movies to see in theaters this year because I was never an Alias fan since I thought the heroine was TSTL and MI: 3 made me roll my eyes way too many times.  However, a buddy told me Terminator Salvation would make me want my money back, so I bumped it to my library list and got back in touch with the inner Trekkie that had crawled into a dark corner after the last few Star Trek movies.

In short, I enjoyed it.  Thoroughly.  Can’t recommend it enough.  Fast, fun, and slick (sorry, couldn’t continue the alliteration) with big-budget action and CGI–and it’s a true reboot (sequels won’t run into the sticky issue of continuity with the older movies).  Kirk is still arrogant and goes after anything that breathes…and not necessarily oxygen, but this movie shows he’s entitled to his cockiness.  Spock gets to explore his Vulcan/human duality–and he finally gets some!  It’s about damn time, too.  McCoy, played by a Karl Urban who isn’t as sexy here as he was in Doom, is appealingly cranky and the accent is pitch perfect.  And Eric Bana looked like he was having a blast as Nero.  (Bana finally atones for the abomination that is The Hulk.)

And did I mention this movie is fun?  I felt like a kid again (well, that’s not very hard to do).  Kurtzman and Orci included a fair number of inside jokes and well-known one-liners to please this Trekkie.  Guy in red jumpsuit?  Priceless.

If you’re a science geek, just remember this movie is science fiction, with major emphasis on the FICTION.  Hell, let’s just drop the science altogether.  Red matter, black holes…I think the writers flunked high school science.

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  1. 4 Jun 2009 12:17 PM

    Am I crazy for thinking that Spock looks HOT?

  2. Ann Bruce permalink
    4 Jun 2009 5:39 PM

    Brains are always sexy. And there’s obviously some muscle under the uniform since he wiped the floor with Kirk. 😀

  3. 10 Jun 2009 1:52 AM

    My favourite moment was Spock in front of the Lord High Thingamajigs, and him saying ‘Live Long And Prosper’ while totally projecting ‘Eat Shit and Die’. I loved everything about both Spocks in this.

    Kirk, eh, never liked him much but at least they kept Shatner out. And Karl Urban was DeForrest Kelly reincarnated, I swear. (Miss DeF Kelly 😦 )

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