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12 Days and Counting…

8 Jun 2009

…to the day I place my order for my new toy: the 13″ MacBook Pro.  I spent my morning slavishly Googling Apple’s WWDC for news, hoping and praying not buying a MB last year was a good idea.  My patience paid off in spades.  Apple’s rebranding the 13″ MacBook and moving it to the Pro line, adding back the firewire port, gave the processor a boost, and dropped the price–and I’ll be getting a Snow Leopard upgrade for the cost of shipping when it releases in September so there’s no need to delay my order for three months.

I’d place the order now, but June 20 is my MasterCard cut off date…meaning if I buy it on that day, I won’t actually fork over cash for it until mid-August.  (It sometimes scares people how thoroughly I know all aspects of my finances.)  In the meantime, I have to decide whether or not the SSD upgrade is worth the price tag.

Not even the Honda service bill for my wheel realignment can deflate my bubble of happy anticipation.  Baby, for me, this is better than Neuhaus chocolates.

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  1. 9 Jun 2009 12:02 AM

    ::waves to other Ann::

    The upgrade on the Macbook has thrown my plans to get the white one into turmoil. I think I’ll just have to find the few hundred extra bucks and get this version because it’s so much better value.

    And by carting it back and forth across the Pacific in October, I even avoid sales tax! ::is smug::

  2. 9 Jun 2009 6:21 AM

    Oh, being able to caress the aluminum unibody in the privacy of my home (people look at me funny when I do it in the Apple Store) will be worth the extra few hundred bucks.

  3. 10 Jun 2009 1:50 AM

    @Ann Bruce: I did a price comparison between the white one with the specs I wanted, and the Macbook Pro, same screen size, and the difference was $200 AUS. Considering the increase in speed and so on, I’d be a moron not to go for the higher range model. I just have to wait until October for tax reason 😦

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