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It's So SHINY!

29 Jun 2009


Isn’t it pretty?

I’m typing on my new 13″ MBP and it is definitely a nice piece of hardware. First off, though, I noticed the keyboard keys are spaced out, so my little hands, which are used to the 92% keyboard on my old 12″ Inspiron 700m, will need some time to adjust. I keep hitting the “/” key instead of the SHIFT key, which is annoying.

I used a Mac a handful of times in the past and even then only for very short periods, so I expect the next couple of days will be spent familiarizing myself with OS X, installing apps (the first apps will be Firefox, Thunderbird, and Office 2008 for Mac), and transferring my files from my old notebook to this one. Also, the internet connection seems sluggish, so that’ll be my first troubleshooting issue.

Then I have an MS to edit and polish.

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  1. azteclady permalink
    30 Jun 2009 9:12 AM

    *ears perking up* MS to polish?

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