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As a Blogger, I Suck

16 Jul 2009

The title pretty much says it all.  I could use the excuse that I’ve been working 11-14 hour days and my boss has been making me attend more and more business functions in his stead lately, but I can’t complain about that since I know I am lucky to have a decent-paying job with some not-so-shabby health and dental benefits in the current economy.  Sure, I’m in the office before 7 AM (sometimes before 6 AM…like I was this Monday and Tuesday) and leave between 7 PM and 8 PM, but I really like being able to indulge my love of shiny, shiny objects (e.g. the MacBook Pro I’m currently using).

When I started this blog, I had every intention of updating it regularly with book-related posts from why “I love you” isn’t a requisite of romance novels (remember Crusie and Mayer’s Don’t Look Down? remember how jarring that carelessly tossed out “I love you” was?)  to why Superman would suck as a romance hero (he’s too much of a boy scout and imagine carrying a baby with super-strength and laser-beam eyes–ouch!) to why I’m not fond of heroes with supernatural or paranormal qualities (the human race has accomplished some pretty amazing things with brains and simple strength of will).  Then there’s my other passion: personal finance.  I wanted to blog about things from simple financial mistakes to how to organize your financial life to planning for anything from vacations to buying your first home to retirement to how to avoid the pitfalls of being a landlord.  Then there’s my love for shiny objects…and my latest toy.  I have copious notes on my conversion from PC to Mac and tips and tricks for anyone else wanting to make the transition.

Come to think of it, I have copious notes on all those topics.  I even started a few draft entries.  I just haven’t taken the time to flesh them out into something readable.  (Actually, that sounds like my writing life, too.)

So, is there a point to all this rambling?  Well, to acknowledge that I suck as a blogger and while I would like to rectify the situation, it’s not going to happen any time soon as I can’t say no to my boss.  Thus, to actually blog about stuff people might find interesting, I’m going to go to one blog post per week.

Any suggestions for next week’s post?

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