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Web Site Update…Sort Of

27 Sep 2009

I finally updated the web site…by culling stuff from the Free Reads section. I removed pieces that were spectacularly bad and shouldn’t see the light of day.

Then I celebrated by rearranging my dining room-cum-office. After three and a half years, it needed a change. I like the new arrangement, but I need want new furniture. Perhaps a dining table for more seating and an armoire for more storage. I need to hit Modern Country Interiors, my favourite furniture store in Inglewood, and do some planning. In the meantime, I slotted the redecorating into my 2012 budget. Yes, 2012. Why? Because I an anal-retentive, detail-oriented, long-term-planning kind of girl. And 2009 is set aside to pay off the mortgage on the primary residence; 2010 is for the new Honda Fit (and to pay back the RRSPs I withdrew for the condo down payment); and 2011 is for paying down the principal on the rental property…if playing landlord still appeals to me.

I could fit the redecorating into the 2010 budget, but I’m a sicko who enjoys delayed gratification.

Now, if only I can plan the writing like I do my finances…

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