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Can this Be Considered a White Lie?

13 Oct 2009

I managed to wrangle the next two weeks off of work. Corporate planning is done (sort of; corporate planning is never REALLY done), audit is done, two of my systems projects are done (I’m never getting away from IT, am I?), my United Way time commitment is done…so I said, “Buh-bye, see y’all in two weeks!” And for my boss, I added, “I promise to be back in time to pull together the quarterly financial report.” (I really need to transfer to a new role.)

When people ask where I’ll be going on vacay (BTW, why is there such a stigma with stay-cations? I actually enjoy vegging at home!), I lie and say, “Away from here.” If they press for details, I say New York because my best friend lives there and he’ll back up my story. I know, I know; I’m a bad person. However, if they know I’m staying in town, I’ll get e-mails and phone calls and, once, I actually had a co-worker buzzing from my lobby. (Of course, really leaving town doesn’t always stop the e-mails and phone calls, but I’d have the excuse of not being seven blocks from the office or, even better, out of cell range.)

Anyway, I feel no guilt whatsoever for committing this sin because it’s the only way I can get uninterrupted time to myself. And after working 80 to 100 hours per week since May or so (I can’t remember the exact date because if I keep track, I might cry) with NO overtime pay, I think I can be forgiven.

And is the few extra Hail Marys during confession worth it? I’d say so. This morning I finished marking up the current WIP with my little red pen and after a couple of episodes of BTAS, I’ll make the changes to the electronic copy.

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