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I'm Now a (Tor)Mentor

27 Oct 2009

I came back from vacay and found an e-mail in my inbox asking me to be a mentor. Apparently, a new hire from another department wants ME to formally mentor her. Yes, someone actually wants to receive guidance from ME. Yes, ME. Dudes, I’m the poster girl for what NOT to do in the corporate world. I don’t dress for success (in fact, I’m usually mistaken for a co-op student); I have no filter between brain and mouth; I can’t schmooze (I only attend business functions for the food); and I’m a political liability because I can’t suck up network to save my life. I’m one of those delusional people who believes my work results and output should propel me up the corporate ladder. (Hah!) Sure, I have my fans at work, but even though my boss loves me, he has a hard time selling me to other executives during ranking season because I’ve been known to call some of them idiots. (Hey, if the shoe fits…)

Anyway, I tracked down the girl who wants to be my mentee and tried to talk her out of it. I truly believe she’d be better served by someone with more experience than me (i.e. someone who can actually help her career), but she’s adamant about her choice. So, starting in November, I’m going to be using my years of work AND life experience to guide someone young and impressionable along her own career path.

Yeah, I’m scared, too.

(On the bright side, our monthly lunches will be expensed on my corporate Amex.)

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