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It's Shiny, It's Pretty, It's Tiny…Can It Be?

31 Oct 2009

Since Dell is still dragging its heels on the netbook front, I decided to postpone my early Christmas present to myself. I looked briefly at HP, but the netbooks with the features I want are only on the 11″ models, which defeats my purpose of getting a netbook. I want something decent I can carry around in my shoulder bag. However, I think the true reason for the delay is because I absolutely adore my Apple MacBook Pro with its merging of stunning design and functionality and can’t bear the thought of taking a step backwards. However, Apple currently isn’t interested in the netbook market. And who can blame them with the high margin MBPs selling so well?

Thus, I put away my dreams of an Apple netbook…until I saw this pic:

No, it’s not an Apple. It’s from the cell phone maker rival that recently launched a lawsuit against Apple: Nokia. With the Booklet 3G, the Finnish company is taking a page out of Apple’s design book with the aluminum unibody and the Chiclet-style keyboard. Other drool-worthy features include the trackpad that allows two-finger scrolling, HD screen resolution, HDMI output, and–the biggie–12-hour battery life but without the ugly protruding battery.


Not quite. There’s only 1 GB RAM that’s non-upgradeable because it’s soldered to the board. Really?!? In this day and age?!?

And the Z230 processor made me wonder what Nokia’s engineers were smoking. *sigh* Nokia, you are so close.

There are also complaints about the pricing. In the US, it’s USD$299 with a two-year contract from AT&T or USD$599 standalone. Since I’m a commitment-phobe, I’d buy it standalone. Hey, USD$599 isn’t bad, considering I was and still am willing to pay USD$1000 for an Apple netbook. However, I’m not willing to spend six Ben Franklins for 1 GB non-upgradeable RAM and a processor that should be discontinued.


The search for the perfect netbook continues.

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