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Procrastination: The Inspiration Killer

5 Jul 2010

After seeing a very vivid scene in my head, I began writing Dark Side of Dreaming. Completed and polished that first scene in less than an hour. Loved it. Loved the mood, the characters, the beginnings of the story. I put it away to work on another WIP because an editor asked for a full. I wrote a page, deleted a page and half, wrote a paragraph, deleted another page, then figuratively threw up my hands in frustration.

Thinking the words would flow once more, I went back to DSoD. The words didn’t flow. It didn’t so much as trickle. The story that was so sharp in my head weeks ago was now as clear as mud. However, I forced myself to write because I kept thinking I could edit a bad page. (Little did I know some bad pages are beyond editing.) I wrote a paragraph, deleted it, wrote a few more paragraphs, read them to myself and wondered what the heck was I thinking? The plot was convoluted and made as much sense as Jim Morrison on acid; my characters were acting…well, out of character; and I was using a trope I didn’t like.


I slept on it. Slept on it some more. Completed yet another WIP. Went back to DSoD. Gave the trope I didn’t like a twist. Finished DSoD, was still uncertain about it, but submitted it to my editor anyway and begged for her feedback. Awesome person that she is, she liked it and accepted it. Yay! I completed DSoD…and it only took two years.

Morals of the story: When inspiration strikes, go with it; and never submit an unfinished work because an editor might request a full and performance anxiety might strike. Imagine that.

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