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Bad Writer

13 Jul 2010

I’m a bad writer. No cookie for me.

A writer’s job is to convey what she sees and hears in her head to readers with…well, words. My problem is I don’t type as fast as I think. Other times, I only put down the most vivid details because I want to capture key aspects and let readers’ imaginations take it from there. Too often, I don’t type at all due to time constraints.

I’m told I sometimes confuse readers because I skip over things I assume they already know…or should know…or should deduce from the crumbs I drop here and there. Unfortunately, in my attempt to keep readers guessing, I can get too subtle or don’t explain at all. I think I write this way because I prefer to read books that don’t bash me over the head with revelations and other things, but I take it too far. Anyway, my editor warns me about this penchant of mine, and I sometimes give into her greater wisdom and other times I don’t. (I know. Why have an editor if I’m not going to listen to her?)

I want to apologize for keeping the details and background vague in a certain title. (If you read it, you’ll know which one I’m talking about. Or you can use your powers of deduction.) In this particular case, I did it purposely because I want to keep readers guessing AND I already played out the sequel in my head. All that’s left is for me is to write it down. (And edit it, and submit it, and edit it some more.)

What do you prefer to read? A book where everything is spelled out? Or something that asks you to fill in the details? Or is there a happy middle? If so, what is it? Apparently, I need some schooling.

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