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16 Jul 2010

Parker’s Price and Dark Side of Dreaming are out so I’m done with promos for the rest of the year (no, I haven’t forgotten about the Dark Side of Dreaming promo contest). Thank God. You have no idea how draining it is for an anti-social hermit like me to mingle with other people, even virtually.

Now it’s back to finishing a full-length romantic suspense that’s been giving me fits for the last few years. (I was told to ditch it, but I can’t let it beat me. I’m stubborn like that.) It’s in the same vein as Fall Dead, which is a 60/40 blend of suspense and romance (a.k.a. my comfort zone). The goal is to complete a usable rough draft before I start my MBA in September, which will suck up time I already don’t have. If you’re religious, pray for me.

I’ll try very, very hard to keep posting here once a week about writing and related topics, but I might occasionally skip a week because no one needs to know about the minutiae of my life or non-writing-related topics I find exciting, like business and politics. Trust me. A day in the life of a workaholic and news junkie is not very exciting…which is why I write about violence and sex.

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