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No, Sasha Is Not a Girl

26 Jul 2010

The hero of Dark Side of Dreaming is of Russian descent. He’s the second Russian character in six titles, the other being Nick Markov in Fall Dead. (Katarzyna Delaney in Rules of Engagement is half Polish and not Russian.) No, I’m not Russian. I’m simply surrounded by Russians. I even dated one or two. And it’s easy to do research when you have daily access to them.

Anyway, to be precise, Alexander Michaels is half Russian since his surname is distinctly American. He, however, goes by Sasha, which is the Russian diminutive of Alexander. It’s also the diminutive of Alexandra but it’s not commonly used.

So, to the people who asked me why I gave my hero a girl’s name: I didn’t.

I blame Sasha Cohen for causing the confusion.

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