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9 Aug 2010

I finally finished a romance novel. Yay! Unfortunately, it was meh. I wonder, though, if I can classify Elizabeth Lowell’s Death Echo as a romance because if I’d blinked, I would’ve missed it. Anyway, the romance reading slump continues.

My non-romance reading, however, is going strong. More than strong. Recently, I added one author to my auto-buy list and another is on the cusp: Tess Gerritsen and Barry Eisler respectively.

Years ago, I tried one of Gerritsen’s romantic suspense titles for Harlequin and couldn’t get past the first chapter. However, Wendy the Super Librarian intrigued me with her review of Tess Gerritsen’s Ice Cold. It seemed like a nice fit for me since I’m a fan of psychological thrillers and police procedurals. Add in strong female characters and I’ll take a chance.

I picked up Vanish (I don’t know why I put down the wrong book when I wrote this post) The Surgeon, the first title in Gerritsen’s Rizzoli & Isles series, read it, and loved it. Picked up the next three titles and devoured them within a week. I am HOOKED. Fast-paced, intricate, sometimes creepy, and always brimming with details drawn from Gerritsen’s medical background and extensive research that enhance the story, her books are catnip for a geeky fan of CSI, Dexter, The Closer, The Mentalist, and Criminal Minds (sort of with CM because the humor is forced and rarely works, as are the dramatic introspections).

Barry Eisler came to my attention because J.A. Konrath used his name in one of the Jacqueline Daniels titles. I looked up Eisler, was iffy about trying him because I wasn’t interested in reading about another assassin (for some reason, I kept thinking John Rain would be emo)…and because of his bio. Yeah, I know. Strange.

Nonetheless, out of curiosity, I picked up Fault Line, the first book in the Ben Treven series. I flew through the pages and despite the in-your-face politics and the over-the-top sibling rivalry, got my hands on Eisler’s backlist. Wow. It’s been a while since I enjoyed a thriller so much. (I tried Eisler before Gerritsen.) The last one I read was like an encyclopedia; it was bogged down with so much extraneous detail that even the action sequences were lethargic and dull. Not so with Eisler. Fault Line has a nice balance of information and action, with technical details woven into the scenes so I didn’t feel like I was sitting in a lecture hall. And it’s so nice to read action scenes and not roll my eyes and wonder if the author learned everything about martial arts from watching The Karate Kid or, worse, The Last Airbender.

I’m currently reading Inside Out, the second Ben Treven title, and so far, so good. The Harry McGlade cameo, though, is making me antsy for Konrath’s next Jacqueline Daniels release.

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