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A Money Snippet: It’s the Small Stuff

18 Oct 2010

A conversation over lunch.

Female Friend: When are you guys getting your flu shots?

Male Co-worker: I booked an appointment for next Tuesday at noon.

Me (frowning): I didn’t know you could book appointments for the Alberta Health flu clinics.

MC: You can’t. I’m going to the pharmacy on the second floor of our building. The clinics have line ups.

Me: But the pharmacy charges twenty-five dollars. The government clinics are free* and if you go early in the morning or later in the day, the line ups are short. Last year I only waited fifteen minutes. I used the time to catch up on reading.

FF: I thought our insurance covers flu shots.

Me: Only fifteen dollars. That’s still ten out of your pocket.

MC: Ten dollars isn’t a big deal.

Me: Ten dollars would pay for this lunch. Or a week of lunches when I brown bag.

And this Male Co-worker always wonders why I’m mortgage free and he isn’t, despite my home being twice the value of his. He’s one of too many people who don’t understand small amounts add up.

* I know the flu shots offered by the government clinics aren’t really free. I paid–or will pay–for them with my provincial and federal taxes.

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  1. AztecLady permalink
    18 Oct 2010 4:51 PM

    It really is the small stuff!

    It’s like the 50% employee discount at work, you still have to pay the other 50% percent. At the end of the month, the money I didn’t spend on a pastry or a drink is enough to pay for my water bill (which tells you a lot about how little money I make 😛 )

    The funny thing is how often fellow employees rag on me for being ‘so cheap’–all the while gripping about how little money they make.

  2. 18 Oct 2010 7:59 PM

    Don’t you love it when people think a 50% discount means you can buy twice as much?

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