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What I’m Reading: Hellboy-The Whittier Legacy

8 Nov 2010

(Short post this week because I’m in Saint John, New Brunswick, to make nice with work people. It’s okay to laugh. My co-worker next door did.)

If you follow me on Goodreads or have read a good chunk of my blog posts, you know Mike Mignola is my favorite author for one ginormous reason: Hellboy. The Hellboy graphic novels are HP Lovecraft-style horror with a big red guy, complete with horns, tail, cloven feet, dry wit, and sarcastic personality, for a hero. He’s oddly very sexy. (I know I have issues. One day I’ll hire a therapist to help me work through them.)

I can share my love of Hellboy and the other oddball characters of the BPRD by typing blog post after blog post, but I don’t have to anymore. USA Today hired Mignola to write and draw The Whittier Legacy and made it available to all with the magic of the internet. Go and read, folks, and get a glimpse into my twisted mind.

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