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2010 Recap

3 Jan 2011

2010 was a decent year. While my days of getting 20% raises are over, I can’t complain too much about the Clark Kent job because I still get paid well to do something I enjoy…even if it does run me ragged from time to time. And since I wasn’t busy enough, I caved into my boss’s request to do an MBA. I haven’t thanked him enough for my experience thus far.

I had two releases in 2010: Parker’s Price and Dark Side of Dreaming. Yeah, I don’t know how that happened without hell freezing over since I write at a snail’s pace.

Like most books, reader opinions ran the gauntlet for Parker’s Price, everywhere from “OMG! This book is why I read romance!” to “OMG! You took the women’s movement back two decades!” Oh, yes, a reader actually accused the hero of being a rapist (even though there is no rape in the book) and me of being anti-feminist. A particular reader went even further and speculated that I was a frustrated housewife who never worked outside the home. Yes, me. Luckily for me, I’m thick-skinned. And, frankly, you can’t get ticked off over something so grossly incorrect as to be cartoonish.

Dark Side of Dreaming did okay but apparently confused a lot of readers. I thought it was simple, however, I do have an edge over other readers. Also, since most readers take my writing more seriously than they should, I am a teeny bit disappointed few people realized I was making fun of an overly used romance trope that annoys the hell out of me. The consensus was I know my way around a sex scene but should increase the word count if I don’t want to do a straight-forward plot.

2010 was a good year for reading…non-romance books. New-to-me authors I love include Dennis Lehane and Tess Gerritsen. Lehane’s books are well-written thrillers with a nice blend of wit and action. I may not always like the endings, but they always make me think. Gerritsen…well, her heroines are immensely enjoyable. Smart and resourceful, and I have to admit I love the medical details, gory though some of it may be.

I couldn’t finish Elizabeth Lowell’s or Nora Roberts’s last few books, so they are off my reading list. Then again, it wasn’t a good year for romance all around since Jennifer Crusie’s Maybe This Time was the only romance I loved. JAK’s books were enjoyable, as always, but I can’t wait until she moves away from the psychic stuff because I had my fill of paranormal themes two years ago. (Yeah, I’m no longer reading Kelley Armstrong either.)

Movies picked up the slack in 2010. Philistine that I am, I watched a slew of mindless yet enjoyable action flicks, everything from The A-Team to The Expendables to The Losers to The Other Guys (I guess short, pithy titles were in) and more. They all worked for me, some more than others (not surprisingly, I liked the best reviewed movie the least), because they didn’t take themselves seriously while not going over the top (Cop Out, I’m looking at you). A few laughs between explosions (or during explosions) is a winning combination for me. My favorite movies of 2010, though, are *gasp* critically acclaimed: True Grit, the greatest western movie ever, and Four Lions, a satire about a group of young Muslim men living in Sheffield, England who have become radicalised and decide to become suicide bombers. However, hell won’t freeze over because while I’ll watch The Losers over and over again (mostly because it featured Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”), I can’t say the same thing about Four Lions.

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