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An iGeek’s Wishlist

4 Jun 2011

Dear Mr. Jobs,

Since Santa Claus has disappointed me in the past (I should’ve known better than to trust a man who drives a sleigh and plays with elves) I believe I’ll have better luck addressing my Christmas letters to you. I know it’s June, but in Calgary ten inches of snow in the middle of summer is not unheard of and the Apple WWDC starts on Monday.

I’ve been good this year, but with seven months still left in the year, it’s probably too early to call, so I’m not going to ask for the iPhone 5. Instead I would like Apple to upgrade the 11″ MacBook Air with a Sandy Bridge processor, Thunderbolt, and a backlit keyboard. OS X Lion would be nice too. I have dreamed of having a netbook-sized MacBook for longer than is healthy, so for the sake of my sanity and those around me, please come through on this wish.

As Apple’s 2011 back-to-school sale has yet to be announced, please make it so because Apple will let students apply the iPod Touch discount to an iPad 2 and such a momentous occasion needs to be announced by you personally at the WWDC. (Pretty please!) While Microsoft’s back-to-school promotion did catch my eye, the insanity was very temporary and very brief. I swear. Why would I need a measly 4GB Xbox 360 when I already have a PS3 and the funnest iPod ever? I don’t. An iPad 2, however, would complete my Apple collection. My fingertips are already itching to play a few hundred rounds of TextTwist 2.

Geek Girl

PS I promise I won’t hold it against you if Apple upgrades the Airport Extreme two months after I bought it.


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