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I Won’t Be Cutting Cake with It

30 Jul 2011

Sure, my shiny 11″ MacBook Air is thin enough to cut a cake, but I didn’t buy a spare. (However, this does remind me to bake a chocolate cake for a friend.)

Although I managed to not rush straight home when my concierge called to tell me UPS dropped off my new toy, I spent a lot of quality time with it last night. I’m almost done. Just have to decide on how I want to sync it with its bigger brother, my 13″ MacBook Pro (I’m currently leaning towards GoodSync), and which external HD to use for backup.

So far, it’s awesome! Thin and light and fast and much more functional with its full=sized keyboard than an iPad (although, I might cave and get the iPad 3 if it comes with Retina display). It fits perfectly inside my shoulder bag and I’ll be showing it the sights of Calgary today and Banff tomorrow. (Kelli, if you’re reading this post, I’ll get the edits to you on Monday. I promise.) However, it won’t be going inside the shoulder bag until I get a better case for it than the Incase Neoprene Slim Sleeve. I was told it’s customized for the MBA and it also says so on the packaging, but it sure doesn’t feel like it. It’s incredibly loose, not like the fit of the similar bag for my MBP. Incase will be getting some feedback from me.

I’m still learning Lion and the new gestures. While I’m a little miffed at some of the exclusions from Snow Leopard, such as the four-finger swipe across to show open applications that I use ALL THE TIME, there are enough improvements to soothe me. Maybe. I’m going to hold off upgrading my MBP for a month or so until I get the hang of the new pinching, swiping, and spreading. (Sounds dirty, doesn’t it?)

All in all, while my new toy might be classified as a netbook by some because of its body, which is actually sleeker and sexier than any netbook I’ve seen, it’s fully powered and does not feel at all like a netbook.

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