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SOPA: Guilty until Proven Innocent

4 Jan 2012

A couple of weeks ago, an author on the RWA PAN loop posted a message that essentially said: “Oh, noes! GoDaddy’s being boycotted for supporting anti-piracy!” I dismissed her as an idiot because she obviously hasn’t actually read the Stop Online Piracy Act. Then earlier today, another author, not on the RWA PAN loop (thank, God), didn’t understand why everyone is being so mean to GoDaddy. After all, isn’t supporting anti-piracy a good thing?

Here’s the short version:

Anti-piracy: good. SOPA: a draconian, guilty-until-proven-innocent bill drafted and supported by US politicians who are dangerous because they still think it’s cute to not know how the Internet works.

And because I can’t discuss SOPA at length without a lot of profanity, here’s the long version by the awesome Nilay Patel at The Verge.


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