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White House against SOPA and PIPA Approaches

14 Jan 2012

Are smarter cooler heads prevailing or is Obama trying to not tick off voters before the election? Who knows and who cares because the White House officially responded to the anti-SOPA on-line petition, and they’re against the approaches in both SOPA and PIPA.

The highlights:

While we believe that online piracy by foreign websites is a serious problem that requires a serious legislative response, we will not support legislation that reduces freedom of expression, increases cybersecurity risk, or undermines the dynamic, innovative global Internet.

Yes, piracy is bad and something needs to be done, but don’t be idiotic and overzealous and overly influenced by all those campaign contributions from Hollywood, the music industry, etc.

Any effective legislation should reflect a wide range of stakeholders, including everyone from content creators to the engineers that build and maintain the infrastructure of the Internet.

Listen to the experts because it’s not okay to pass legislation involving DNS when you don’t even know what it stands for, let alone what it means.

Any effort to combat online piracy must guard against the risk of online censorship of lawful activity and must not inhibit innovation by our dynamic businesses large and small.

So, don’t derail the tenuous economic recovery and the future of the US economy, and guilty until proven innocent is kind of wrong too.

We must avoid creating new cybersecurity risks or disrupting the underlying architecture of the Internet.

And don’t break the Internet.

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