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No, I’m Not a Best Seller

5 Feb 2012

Since Rules of Engagement was made free, it hit a few best seller lists on Amazon and Apple. However, I won’t be slapping the “best seller” label on my web site or books because those lists are for FREE books. There is no selling going on. And it’s pretty darn easy to give away books. (However, it’s easier to give away contemporary and romantic suspense books than paranormals, as evidenced by the 18k downloads on Amazon for Rules of Engagement in less than five days versus Before Dawn‘s 5k. With real promo, the numbers would probably be higher for both on Amazon, but I’m a little busy and freebie sites don’t like explicit sex scenes. Anyway, does this mean paranormal romance is finally on the wane? I can hope.)

And while a couple of the other books did make some paid lists, “Apple Romantic Suspense Category Best Seller” just doesn’t roll off the tongue.

Why am I bringing up this topic? Because it was suggested to me by an author who is more excited than I am about the lists. Frankly, I think it’s deceptive and desperate to label yourself a best seller when (1) you make a free list or (2) you topped the Cat Sleuths or Pet Essays categories (I’m seriously not making up these categories!) of less than fifty titles.


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