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Issues with the Current WIP

6 Mar 2012
  • The increasing time gaps between writing is making it harder and harder to get going each time I open up the WIP because I have to spend more and more time reviewing the details so my hero’s eye color doesn’t change half way through the manuscript. (Hey, the memory gets sketchier with age.)
  • I’m taking some (tiny, really) creative license with the police procedural details, but it’s chafing because I hate it when I get the details wrong, even deliberately.
  • The word limit is making me antsy because I’m half way through, yet I still have a lot that needs to happen to complete the story.
  • Yes, the word limit is required because I’m targeting a particular publisher and line. (Although, if the self-publishing numbers keep improving, I may have to rethink that plan.)
  • Even worse, I wonder if I can categorize it as a romance since the relationship takes over such a short period of time (i.e. homicide investigation). Frankly, in the long format, I’m better at suspense than romance. (What does that say about me?)
  • My interest is getting pulled in a different direction because there’s another WIP I want to flesh out so much my fingertips itch. (Yes, I do have the attention span of a gnat.)
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