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I Watched ZOOLANDER Too Many Times

3 Apr 2012

Samantha Brick is sexy and she knows it—and she wants you to know it too. While it takes some serious ovaries to pen an essay extolling your physical virtues and the perks you get because of them (or drawbacks because women less blessed in the looks department want to keep you down), I have to question the woman’s sanity. Or maybe she’s suffering a seriously warped case of Mary Sue-ism. Or maybe she’s the female Derek Zoolander.

Take the Samantha Brick Or Derek Zoolander quiz. Bonus points if you take the quiz before reading the article and get everything right. I did.

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  1. 3 Apr 2012 7:24 PM

    Sheesh, I think I could only stand two paragraphs of the Samantha Brick “thing” (writing/rambling/woe-is-me-for-being-perfect creation).

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