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So Close I Can Almost Taste It

5 Apr 2012

I have…

  • One more condition for the buyer to lift (I’m selling my last rental property because being a landlord is a pain in the rear)
  • Two more weeks until I receive my income tax refund (there are some perks to being a student again)
  • Three more papers to write
  • Four more weeks until this $600 million project is implemented and I can get my boss to transfer me to a role where the work can’t be done by a monkey (highly trained, of course)
  • Five more days until I release Before Dawn on non-Amazon platforms

(And I promise to get some work done on the current WIP somehow. Really.)

Until then, I’m off to sleep because I’ve been deprived of it for nearly a month…and I had a little too much vodka last night.

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