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The 300 Writing Challenge

1 Jun 2012

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

Because the current WIP is taking an absurd amount of time and I’m too stubborn to scrap it, I’m taking the eating-the-elephant approach. For the next three months, I’m going to write 300 words each day. That’s about one page (12-point font, double-spaced) per day. Totally doable…even for me. Good, bad…doesn’t matter because I’ll edit the manuscript several times over before it’s published. But I need something to edit; hence, this drastic measure.

If I don’t meet that daily quota of 300 words, feel free to give me virtual smack. Really. Do it. I need it.

Today is June 1, 2012, and the word count metre is at 26,800.

Let the experiment challenge begin.

EDITED: Decided challenge is more apt than experiment.


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