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Word Count Metre Moved and Miscellanea

29 Jun 2012

I changed and moved the word count metre to the sidebar because the Writertopia progress metre is having technical difficulties.

This weekend will be hellish because I have my sister’s bridal shower tomorrow and my final paper for this MBA course due on Sunday…and all I have so far are the headings. I’m a procrastinator, remember? Anyway, sleep deprivation will reach undergrad levels, but I will get in 900 words for the WIP between now and Sunday night.

On the bright side, my boss’s boss’s boss (apparently, the guys requesting my transfer were pretty high up the chain) stonewalled the Houston guys who wanted me to work on their project for the next four years, so now I won’t have to relocate. The downside is my new role, which I’ll start in three months, sounds like something a monkey can do, but I get to work less hours for more money. I think that’s a win? I suppose I can do a little programming on the side or do Sudoku puzzles to keep my brain from turning to mush. Anyway, I’m told it’s only for two years (three max) and supposed to ready me for a true managerial role with real power over real minions. Muwahaha!

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  1. 30 Jun 2012 12:18 PM

    well congrats on the promotion and good luck getting the writing in.

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