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Novelettes and Novellas

3 Jul 2012

I received a few e-mails from readers asking why I write novelettes and novellas because some readers think they’re incomplete and aren’t happy about it.

  1. They are neither teasers nor incomplete. I always write complete stories with beginning, middle, and end. I’d be ticked if someone wrote a teaser and charged me for it. However, my definition of complete doesn’t always meet readers’ expectations because I don’t like filler. I want every scene and every piece of dialog to have a purpose.
  2. The hero of A Naughty Noelle had a cameo in Deadly Fall, and I liked him so much I wanted to give him a story but not a full-length novel.
  3. The heroine in Rules of Engagement is a secondary character in my currently untitled romantic suspense WIP and the hero is the cousin of the heroine in that same WIP. That WIP gave me so many fits and starts that I actually wrote the novella just so I could prove to myself I still could finish something.
  4. Rebound is a short story and was meant to be a freebie for my readers, but my publisher decided just after I submitted it to no longer release free books because they believed there’s no benefit to it. I disagreed. At the time, however, I wasn’t interested in self-publishing, so I signed the contract. If I ever get the rights back, which can only happen if sales are less than 100 units in a 12-month period—and highly unlikely at this point—I’ll make it free.
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  1. 3 Jul 2012 6:12 PM

    I flipping love novelettes/novellas, both writing and reading them. One thing I like about epublishing is we’re seeing more of them out there and succeeding. A literary banana republic no more!

    • 4 Jul 2012 9:25 PM

      The freedom of e-publishing and self-publishing is an amazing thing. I love not being constrained by word count unless I want to be.

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