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The Real Bachelor Billionaires

12 Jul 2012

There’s a been a recent surge in interest in young, hot billionaires in the general book world (if you’re a Harlequin reader, young, hot billionaires are nothing new). So, every writer is jumping on the bandwagon and writing about heroes who are young George Clooneys (sorry, I can’t say Rob Pattison, Taylor Lautner, or Justin Bieber because pedophilia doesn’t do it for me) with Warren Buffett’s fortune.

Personally, I can’t read any of those books because I know a few billionaires and they don’t look like a younger George Clooney or Michael Fassbender. And most of them are married…to wife number three (one of them is on wife number five, but he’s a very nice man). And none of those wives are naive ingenues.

Anyway, for a dose of reality, check out Forbes’ list of bachelor billionaires, where no one looks like Michael Fassbender.

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